We are João & Andreia, owners of the Winterfellwölfe Kennel since 2016 and dedicated owners and dogaholics since 2014. In this tab is a quick summary of our history as breeders.

Everything started at December 19th of 2014 with our newcomer, Fara.

Fara was very wished for and the result of months of search.

Our main purpose for her was for her to become a great pet dog, loyal, intelligent, very attached to the owners but more calm and sensitive than the typical German Shepherd Dog.

At the same time, persuaded by a couple of friends, we searched for one of the best european pedigrees for a show dog so we could participate at some morphology shows just as a hobby.

Fara started to win more than we expected since we were only two newcomers at the dog show world .

As the time passed our knowledge on pedigrees, breed standard and specific breed health care started to grow.

In 2016 we decided that Fara reunited all the conditions to be a good breeding dog and that she could make her contribution to the breed and so, we decided to embark on this adventure of breeding and selection of White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

We registered our affix at the Portuguese Kennel Club and at the FCI after we made all the necessary tests for her to be approved as a breeding bitch: MDR1, DM and Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

The next step was the selection of a male that matched Fara, and after some time we decided for a young russian male living in Poland.

Meanwhile we decided that there was another blood line that was very interesting for our kennel and at August 26th of 2017 young "Boris", Amadeus Murajda's Lions, arrived.

Since we have gone through this path that our goal has always been keeping high standards when it comes to selection both in morphology and health. 

We won't do litters that will not have value to the breed or just because.

Our babies are born at home, in our bedroom and they stay there until they are 3 weeks old. When they start to come out of the nest they have a playroom of their own with a semi-exterior space. 

During the first weeks we do some desensibilization work to the touch and noises that will go on until they leave our house.

At 5/6 weeks we start with the garden outings and visits from family and friends so they can be introduced to the world. 

Our babies live with cats and dogs of other breeds during their development. We make sure we have different people coming every week so they socialize with different people.

The puppies that stay a little longer start their leash walks at 12 weeks.

We guarantee, also, that if you choose a puppy from our breeding that you will have  our support for live, since we are always available for our puppies's families

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