Breeding and Selection 

White Swiss Shepherd Dog


Our Breeding Philosophy

Our breeding dogs live at home with us and other family's pets. Before their role as breeding dogs is their role as family members.

Every litter is the result of a combination of very well selected pedigrees.

For some litters, foreign stud dogs are selected to refine some features of the breed. We always try to join the best blood lines and always test our dogs to the main genetic diseases associated with our breed, making sure the puppies are always born free of malificent alleles.

Our purpose is not to multiplicate a species, but to try to make a selection of genetic junctions that will give new and improved breeding dogs with the aim to eliminate breed deffects. For that is required both morphological and genetic selections.

We select our future owners very carefully trying to assure our dogs live a comfortable and happy life.


Breeding Plan


Dam: GrCh & Ch (PT) JCh (GIB) BOB'17 Fara de Noble Linaje

Sire: WW'19 MultiCh InternationalCh Veshukan Yori

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